Political parties to join 8 July protest to call for constitution first

The Wafd, Tagammu, and Nasserist parties along with 25 January Revolutionary Youth Union announced they will participate in the 8 July protest in Tahrir Square to demand that a new constitution be drafted before parliamentary elections.
Nabil Zaky, spokesperson for Tagammu Party, said it will participate in Friday’s protest because holding the elections before drafting a new constitution, in light of current circumstances, will result in one group controlling parliament.

Mostafa al-Tawil, honorary chairman of the Wafd Party, said "We agreed to negotiate with Muslim Brotherhood but this doesn’t mean that we changed our position, as we still demand drafting a new constitution before holding elections."

Tawheed al-Banhawy, assistant secretary general of the Nasserist Party, said Nasserists will participate because it is essential to complete the achievements of 25 January revolution.

Omar Hamed, spokesperson of 25 January Revolutionary Youth Union, put forward similar reasons for the union’s participation.

"The square [Tahrir Square] is not only for one demand, we need to mobilize all political forces in order to protect the revolution," he said.

Meanwhile, administrators of the official Facebook page of the Second Revolution of Anger announced they would participate, but refuse to call it "the Friday of Constitution First."

They called it "the Friday of Judgment" and set several demands, including the purging of corrupt members of the police, judiciary and media from government bodies. It also called for dissolving local councils and depriving former National Democratic Party members from engaging in politics for five years.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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