Political groups reject new governors of Alexandria, Daqahlia and Assiut

The Civil Democratic Coalition, which includes 32 political parties and movements, announced its rejection of Essam Salem’s appointment as governor of Alexandria. The coalition accuses him of having constituted part of the former regime.

The coalition said that when Salem was president of Alexandria University from 1992 until 1999,he manipulated the elections of the Faculty Members Club in favor of members belonging to the former ruling party.

In Daqahlia, the coordinating committee of political parties, syndicates and movements on Monday announced it rejection of Governor Mohsen Hefzy, who was a leading figure in the notorious State Security Bureau that was dissolved after the revolution.

In Assiut, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the National Association for Change, the Jama’a Islamiya and the 25 January Youth Coalition staged demonstrations demanding the dismissal of Governor Ibrahim Hammad and Security Director Ahmed Gamal for also having collaborated with the former regime.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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