Policemen protest for better working conditions

Hundreds of police officers protested outside the Ministry of Interior in downtown Cairo on Monday, decrying the slow response to their demands.

The demands include higher pay, fewer working hours, and halting the prosecution of policemen before military tribunals.

The protesting officers called for a meeting with minister Mansour al-Essawy to set a timetable for the fulfillment of their demands.

On Sunday Assistant Minister Sayyed Shaltout said 90 percent of the officers' demands will be met, and the minister promised to fulfil the other demands at a later date.

Shaltout also said Essawy agreed that lower ranking police accused of violations should be referred to disciplinary panels, which can impose any penalty including dismissal, thus making them equal with police officers.

He added that the minister approved the formation of a panel to amend promotion regulations for lower ranking police and other personnel.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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