Police officer assaults pupils at school for beating his son

A number of pupils from the Official Language School ​​in the city of Matay in Minya spent the night on Wednesday at the Court of Matay awaiting public prosecutors to interrogate them over a police officer who stormed their school and assaulted them.

Dozens of students’ parents and the school management accused a police officer, a ranked major, of storming a class, and assaulting pupils, during the school day, because they assaulted his son.

After interrogation, the suspect and his wife were released by prosecutors.

One of the parents named Tarek al-Attar, a lawyer, said that 15 parents filed claims against the officer after storming the class, attacking some of the students, and waving a weapon in his possession, threatening the teachers.

A police force attended to the school and arrested the officer who was referred to prosecutors.

The officer accompanied his wife and mother-in-law to complain about an assault on his son by three of his colleagues who beat him at school on Tuesday, a security source said. The officer accused the school management of not taking any action regarding the beating of his son so he headed to the school on the second day.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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