Police kill 6 terrorists in Upper Egypt desert: Interior Ministry


Egypt’s Interior Ministry on Saturday announced that six terrorists were killed in a shootout with security forces in a mountainous area near the Assiut-Sohag Road in the Western Desert at Upper Egypt’s Geheina city in Sohag governorate.

The ministry said in a statement that combing operations in remote areas revealed that a group of fleeing terrorists were hiding in one of the mountainous areas near the Assiut-Sohag Road.

The statement added that the terrorist group was using a mountain canyon as cover to hide from security monitoring, and that they were preparing for further terrorist attacks.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the different bodies of the Interior Ministry, including the National Security Agency, participated in the operation after coordination with the Supreme State Security Prosecution to raid the area at dawn on Saturday.

When the security forces started to siege the area, the terrorists opened fire on the security forces and were wiped out.

The subsequent combing of the area resulted in the discovery of the six dead terrorists, four automatic guns, two cartridge guns, an explosive device, a number of bullets, and some organizational papers. Legal action has been taken, and the Supreme State Security Prosecution took over the case for further investigations.

The statement said that the operation came as a continuation of the efforts of the ministry to face terrorist organizations and pursue fugitive terrorists seeking to carry out hostile operations in the country, aimed at destabilizing internal security and stability.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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