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Police arrest Egyptian TikTok influencer Rokaia Ahmed over ‘offensive’ videos

Egyptian security services on Monday arrested influencer Rokaia Ahmed, the owner of the ‘Roky Ahmed’ account on TikTok, over charges of publishing offensive videos and negatively influencing young people.

The accusations also included misusing social media, violating the principles and values ​​of Egyptian society, and inciting debauchery through her content.

Immediately, a security force went to the location of the influencer and the police managed to arrest her.

The Public Prosecution office in New Cairo ordered the influencer to be detained for 24 hours pending investigation.

The arrest of Rokaia Ahmed came based on directives from the Director of the General Department of Morality Police Alaa al-Jahir on the necessity of preserving public morals and arresting any violators that would threaten public sanctity.

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