Police arrest 12 in Sharqiya for demolishing house of child abduction suspect

Prosecutors in the town of Abu Kebir, Sharqiya Governorate, have ordered the detention of 12 people on suspicion of demolishing the house of a man charged with killing an eight-year-old boy.

A video obtained by Veto news website shows dozens of people gathering at the man's house, while some tear it down. Local news websites later showed videos for the house completely demolished.

The 12 people arrested are all thought to have been involved in the demolition, and all are from the village of Nazlet Khayal.

The arrests follow the discovery on Wednesday of the dead body of Anas Ahmed three days after he disappeared. A man claiming to be the boy's kidnapper had allegedly asked for LE2 million in ransom.

Police identified the kidnapper as a man named "Yahya A", a tuk-tuk driver seeking to make money from kidnapping.

The suspect was a neighbor of the boy's family, and it is thought he killed the child after he recognized him.

Police found the body of the boy buried in a room used as a chicken coop.

The suspect has been arrested and referred to prosecutors for further investigation.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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