Police and Salafis clash in Sharqiya after shooting

Clashes erupted between police and Salafis on Wednesday in the Delta Governorate of Sharqiya after police shot a Salafi man while trying to arrest him.

The police were chasing Adel al-Ihrazy, who had been sentenced to one year in prison. The man was taken to hospital after he was shot.

Salafis responded by blocking the Zagazig-Faqous highway for more than two hours. They brandished knives and swords and showed Ihrazy’s clothes stained with blood. They then began to assault nearby police, who were forced to flee.

Eyewitnesses said the violence began when the police attacked Ihrazy, while security sources said that the police were acting in self-defense.

The hospital reports stated that Ihrazy was shot from behind and wounded in his right thigh.

Captain Mohamed Abdel Rehim, the commander of the police force that tried to arrest Ihrazy, is charged with killing demonstrators during the 25 January revolution. His second court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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