Police and military arrest 35 on weapons charges in coordinated campaign

The Egyptian armed forces, in cooperation with police units, have arrested 35 people on charges of possession of firearms and bladed weapons in a series of coordinated raids across the country.

Eight of the detainees have been transferred to the Military Prosecutor on charges of possession of firearms and ammunition, while 27 people have been handed over to the Public Prosecution on charges of possessing bladed weapons, drugs or for being fugitives from the law.

In Cairo, 22 people were arrested, including three for the possession of firearms, five for the possession of a bladed weapons, two for the possession of narcotic substances, three for thuggery, intimidation of citizens and being fugitives from the law. The detainees were arrested from the areas of Sayidda Aisha, Khalifa, the Fifth Settelemnt, Matariya, Haikstep and Helwan. Three others were arrested for public intoxication in the Marsad Helwan district.

Meanwhile, in Dakahlia and Port Said Governorates, 13 people were arrested, including six on charges of thuggery and the possession of firearms, bladed weapons and narcotics, charges of thuggery in Dakahlia and two for attempting to storm a police station in Port Said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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