PM says Renaissance Dam issue will be resolved through good relations

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb said Egypt will resume negotiations with Ethiopia to reach a solution for the Renaissance Dam crisis.
He also added that his visit to Tanzania, one of the Nile basin countries, would contribute to resolution of the issue.
Mehleb said he will resolve the problem through Egypt’s good relations with all of the Nile basin countries. He added that no talks have been held over the issue yet.
He indicated that Egypt does not oppose Ethiopia taking advantage of the Nile to generate electricity on the condition that it would not harm Egypt’s water rights. “We need water and they need electricity,” he said, adding that it is possible to reach an understanding that achieves the interests of everyone without harming anyone.
Mehleb expressed his understanding for Ethiopia's development needs and the rest of the Nile basin countries. He added that Egypt depends on the Nile as its primary source of water and that Nile basin countries should find a solution based on good relations.
Mehleb added that he welcomed Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete's idea to hold a meeting for Nile basin countries' foreign ministers to address viewpoints over the framework agreement stricken between the basin countries.
According to Mehleb, Egypt looks forward to holding the meeting soon to resolve the issue through negotiations.
Tensions have erupted between Cairo and Addis Ababa, as the latter insists on the construction of the Renaissance Dam, which Cairo believes will affects its share of the Nile water.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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