PM appeals one-year jail sentence


Prime Minister Hesham Qandil is challenging a ruling that ordered him to be imprisoned for one year and removed from office for refusing to halt the privatization of a textiles firm after a court decision. He was also ordered to pay LE2,000 in bail. 
Qandil filed his appeal on Tuesday.
Last week, a Dokki court handed down the sentence over his failure to halt the private sale of Tanta Linen Company.
A number of Tanta Linen employees had filed complaints that Qandil had not intervened in the privatization of the company following a ruling from the Cairo Administrative Court, which voided the company's sale to Saudi businessman Abdullah al-Kahki. 
It also ordered workers that had been laid off during the restructuring to get their jobs back.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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