Physician sacked for wearing ‘casual clothes’ at meeting

Ministerial Assistant of the Health Insurance Authority Ali Hegazi dismissed Director of the Health Insurance Hospital in Beni Suef Mohammed Yehia on Monday after he attended a meeting with the hospitals’ directors wearing “casual clothing” in the form of trousers and jeans.

Hegazi had invited directors of the Health Insurance Authority’s hospitals across the nation to a meeting in the al-Mokattam hospital in Cairo. Hegazi could not recognize Yehia who asked him who he was, upon which  Yehia replied, “I’m Doctor Yehia, Director of Beni Suef Hospital.” Hegazi was allegedly astonished when he found Hegazi wearing informal clothes during the meeting, deciding to dismiss him.

Yehia was transferred to his former post where he was responsible for the Liver Committee in Beni Suef’s Health Insurance Directorate. Hegazi’s decision caused resentment among the physicians in the Beni Suef Syndicate of Physicians, rejecting the way their colleague was treated.

Physicians in Beni Suef hospital demanded Director of the Health Insurance Authority to allow Yehia to return to his post, a request Hegazi rejected.

Yehia told Al-Masry Al-Youm, “Chairman of the Health Insurance Authority was angry because I wore casual clothing during the meeting. Therefore, he decided to dismiss me.”

Yehia refused to return back to his administrative post, saying, “I will resume my studies and dedicate my time to the liver patients.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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