In photos: New statue discovered depicting Queen Tiye, King Amenhotep III’s wife

The European Archeological Mission has discovered an alabaster statue that they say probably depicts Queen Tiye, the wife of King Amenhotep III, during an excavation mission at Kom Al-Hitan in Luxor.

“The statue of the queen was found by accident near the right leg of a huge statue of King Amenhotep III, just as the mission was lifting the statue out. Queen Tiye’s statue was found buried under,” said Dr Hourig Sourouzian, head of the mission.

Sourouzian added that the statue is currently in a good state and still retains a portion of its original colors. The statue will still be subjected to further restoration.

Khaled A-Anani, Egypt’s minister of antiquities, said that the new discovery is "important and unique”; adding that it’s the first time an alabaster statue of Queen Tiye is uncovered. Other statues of Queen Tiye, previously discovered by the mission, were made from quartzite.

Al-Anani further inspected the rest of the mission’s findings at the temple, which consist of 109 statues of the godess Sekhmet; parts of a seated alabaster statue of King Amenhotep III; parts of two Sphinx statues; as well as a quartzite statue of King Amenhotep III that was recently restored at the temple. The final statue is reportedly to be taken to Luxor Museum’s park. 

Photo credits: Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities

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