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Photos: Egyptian pharmacist takes up fine art, participates in World Art Dubai

Earlier this week, Egyptian pharmacist Yousra Wahba received an official email from the administration of World Art Dubai, the Middle East’s largest affordable art fair, approving her request to participate in the sixth edition of the exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The 2020 event started on Thursday October 8 and will continue until October 10.

2,000 works of art by around 120 independent artists representing 30 different countries are on display, including works from artists from India, Italy, and Japan.

Wahba, who is based in Dubai, considers the exhibition a turning point in her life. This is her first exhibition following her decision to pursue her passion for drawing in addition to working in the pharmaceutical field.

Her passion for art is a deep part of her identity, and Wahba claims that her abstract paintings come directly from the  hear. The self-taught artist has been drawing since childhood, and despite studying to be a pharmacist, she never lost her love for it.

Wahba loves colors; her fluid art pieces feature vibrant, eye catching shades and designs meant to both express and invoke feeling.

The artist said that she participated in the exhibition with nine of her pieces, in which she used acrylic colors, colored dyes and other materials. She said that her decision to focus on art came after spending the last three months developing her painting techniques. 

Wahba described World Art Dubai as a unique opportunity to display her passion to a large audience, as well as learn about different art methods from others. Living in Dubai’s multinational and multicultural society has encouraged her to be bolder.

She is looking forward to participating in other exhibitions, whether in the UAE, Egypt, or other countries. Wahba also plans to participate in many online exhibitions, which recently gained popularity as a temporary solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

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