Personal Status Council submits draft law to Pope Tawadros

H.G. Bishop Paula, the bishop of Tanta and head of the Personal Status Clerical Council, said the council had prepared a draft of personal status regulations, which was submitted on Tuesday to Pope Tawadros.
According to the regulation, personal status-related cases at the Clerical Council will now be referred to sub-councils, and a report will be sent with regard to each case to the six other councils, he said, pointing out that those who have filed the cases will not be affected by this change. Sub-committees will resume the general clerical council's work in Cairo, the bishop added.
The new regulations regarding marriage, divorce and personal status are "based on the Bible," and the Ministry of Transitional Justice is responsible for the formulation of the provisions, he said.
The Pope's decision to establish sub-councils is aimed at facilitating the process for litigants, the bishop added, stating that training courses for the councils are currently under preparations. 
The new regulations allow three degrees of litigation. The complainant can appeal the Regional Council's decision regarding his case before the General Clerical Council in Cairo.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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