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Pepsi announces temporary price reductions due to boycott in Egypt

Traders in Egypt revealed that soft-drink manufacturer PepsiCo has approved temporary discounts in the prices of several of its products starting Wednesday, according to the Cairo24 website.

These discounts come after a series of strong price increases for the company’s products over the past two years, and after the major boycott campaign PepsiCo is facing in Egypt due to its support for Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

The traders explained that PepsiCo has granted them discounts of about LE20 per box of 330 ml regular cans, which is the most popular and best-selling can in Egypt from the company.

PepsiCo has also offered discounts on the 250ml can of about LE25 per box, they said, which is also one of the most popular and best-selling products of the company.

According to the traders, prices of PepsiCo will be LE205 for a box of Star cans and LE180.5 for a box of pocket cans, with the discounts continuing until March 31.

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