Palestinian Authority to request US$430 million from Arab summit

The Palestinian delegation to the second Arab Economic summit to be held in Sharm al-Sheikh is expected to request US$430 million in assistance from Arab countries.

Abdel Hafeez Nofal, Palestinian deputy minister of national economy, who is scheduled to participate in the summit, said his country expects the summit to support the Palestinians in the face of Israeli attempts at Judaizing Jerusalem.

Nofal highlighted the importance of the proposal submitted by his country in which it requests US$430 to counter Israeli attempts to erase the city’s Arab identity.

In statements to the press in Cairo, Nofal said that the Palestinian proposal includes a detailed plan for urban, tourist and economic projects in Jerusalem.

The proposal allocates US$125 million to urban projects, US$127 million to tourism and US$77 million to financial projects.

The proposal also suggests, among other things, that US$26 be earmarked for education, US$16 million for the youth, US$13 million for plans to develop certain regions in East Jerusalem, US$12 for health, and US$6 million for social security.

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