Opposition group rejects Egypt’s nominee for Arab League chief

The 6th of April Youth Movement, an Egyptian opposition group, expressed on Tuesday its rejection of Mostafa al-Fiqqi as Egypt's nominee for Arab League secretary general.

On Monday, Egypt officially declared al-Fiqqi as its nominee to succeed outgoing Secretary General Amr Moussa, whose term ends on 15 May. Al-Fiqqi, the former vice-chairman of the Arab Parliament, was also a prominent member of the National Democratic Party.

In a statement, the group accused al-Fiqqi of serving the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak.

"We do not accept that the government, which represents the revolution, nominate a person who served the corrupt regime for years and worked on improving its image through promoting it on political, cultural, and media levels," the statement said.

It said Egypt has many other suitable candidates who could fill the post, and that Egypt's nominee should be a person who represents the recent revolution instead of the former regime.

The group urged Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces to reconsider the nomination.

Egyptians have typically held the post since the Arab League was established. However, the league's charter does not dictate that candidates must be from Egypt.


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