Official poll: Egyptians dream of justice, stability, clean water in 2011

Justice, political stability, lower prices, clean drinking water and comfortable means of transportation come at the top of the list of what Egyptians dream of in 2011, according to a poll conducted by the National Center for Social and Criminal Research.

The poll surveyed a sample of 2956 persons.

Questions focused on the dreams of Egyptians, how to achieve those dreams, the obstacles lying in the way, and whether or not Egyptians share a national dream.

The poll found that 77.6 percent of Egyptians do not dream of holding a senior position, and 21 percent attribute this lack of ambition to a lack of hope for change in Egypt. They said the political regime has not changed, the economy has declined, poverty has increased and so have prices.

Slightly more than three percent of the sample said they would like to become members of parliament to serve the people, and approximately 45 percent said they would like to work in the parliament to serve the country and achieve social status.

Regarding the services they hope for, 42.4 percent said they want clean drinking water, 42.2 said they want better sewage systems, and 38.9 percent said they want comfortable means of transportation.

The poll also inquired about respondents’ dreams for their country. Slightly more than 40 percent said they want a better economy, 36.8 percent said they want the problem of unemployment solved, 35.3 percent said they want lower prices, and 30 percent said they hope for political stability. Elimination of sectarian tensions featured last, with only 0.9 percent choosing it as a priority.

The US topped the list of countries Egyptians wish their country to be like–20.7 percent of respondents– followed closely by China with 20.5 percent. The reasons given included high living standards, respect for citizens, and attention to education.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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