Official denies media claims of Egyptians’ involvement in Eilat attack

An Egyptian official source dismissed as false Israeli media reports claiming that an attack on the Israeli city of Eilat, which left eight Israelis dead, was perpetrated by Egyptians, MENA reported on Saturday.

The attack occurred on 18 August and led to six Egyptian security personnel being killed by Israeli forces later the same day.

Egypt's state news agency also cited the source as saying the attacks that took place near the borders between Egypt and Israel are still being investigated by a joint team of Egyptian and Israeli investigators. The results will be announced as soon as the investigations are concluded.

Last week Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot claimed all the perpetrators of the Eilat attack were Egyptian Bedouins recruited by an armed Palestinian cell in Gaza to kill and abduct Israeli soldiers.

The paper said that a report prepared by the Israeli army reached this conclusion and said that one of the Egyptian policemen killed in Israel's retaliation attack was an Eilat assailant.

Meanwhile, Captain Aryeh Shalikar, a spokesman for the Israeli army, told AFP that he has no knowledge of the aforementioned report and does not know where the paper obtained its information, refusing to comment further.

Israeli security sources contacted by AFP also cast doubts about the authenticity of information mentioned in Yediot Ahronot.

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