Officer charged with using excessive force in Sharabiya

Sharabiya Prosecutor's Office has charged a police officer with using excessive violence against two men at Abuwafiya Bridge. The officer was released pending investigation and the two victims sent to the Forensic Sciences Laboratory for examination of their injuries.

The victims–an electrician and his friend–said they had been riding a motorcycle and on their way down the bridge were surprised when the police officer delivered a kick to the driver’s foot. This resulted in the driver losing control of the bike, which crashed into a police car and a barrier protecting the train tracks. As a result of the crash the electrician suffered internal bleeding which was treated by removing his spleen. The driver’s friend suffered a broken upper hip bone and a pelvic bone fracture.

The officer said the motorcycle crash was caused by the electrician driving erratically. He also said he suffered a 10cm long cut on his leg when the motorcycle crashed into the police car.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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