NTRA considers legal support for action against Etisalat after using Vodafone’s character

The genie that first appeared in a Vodafone ad a year ago has once again come to TV, but this time in an Etisalat commercial. This Etisalat move has polarized some viewers as they believe the company has crossed a line.
Etisalat’s 37-second advertisement shows the Vodafone genie listening to a pitch by an Etisalat spokesperson. At first, he is dressed in red, representing Vodafone, but by the end of the commercial he has "switched" to Etisalat, dressed in green.
A source from the telecommunications sector said that the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority's (NTRA) chief is looking for a legal text that supports taking action against Etisalat.
Etisalat’s commercial, according to the source, is offensive Vodafone because it plays off a previous Vodafone ad. He added that Vodafone has not filed an official complaint against Etisalat.
Advertising Professor Safwat Al-Alem stated that using a character from a rival company is a lack of professionalism and is subject to legal ramifications.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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