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NRIAG responds to Frank Hoogerbeets prediction of violent earthquake in Egypt

The National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) in Egypt responded to predictions from Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets regarding a violent earthquake that will reportedly strike the Earth within days.

NRIAG noted that earthquakes are difficult to predict without scientific evidence.

The Head of Seismology Department at the NRIAG, Sherif al-Hady said that that “Predicting earthquakes can occur, but it is difficult to predict their occurrence, because it requires scientific evidence, and it is possible for them to occur suddenly.”

Hoogerbeets’s predictions are all in areas where earthquakes are expected to occur periodically, he said, which is not cause for concern.

He assured that while “Egypt may be exposed to moderate-type earthquakes, we may or may not feel them.”

“Earthquakes did not increase as some believe, and all stations have recorded only known earthquakes,” he said, adding that the areas where earthquakes occur in Egypt are far from residential areas.

The head of the NRIAG Taha Rabeh clarified that “He is not a scientist (Hoogerbeets), but he is an astrologer, and he always likes trends. He is not an astronomer or a geologist as some claim.”

He assured that “There are no earthquakes as is rumored. Earthquakes are a natural balance for the Earth that occur daily, and we are in a safe and not dangerous area with regard to the occurrence of earthquakes.”

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