‘Nose job MP’ trial adjourned to 18 September

The trial of former MP Anwar al-Balkimy, who is accused of covering up his nose job by claiming to have been beaten by robbers, was postponed to 18 September by the Kerdasa Court of Misdemeanors on Tuesday.

Charges against the defendant, who is a member of the Salafi-affiliated Nour Party, including filing a false complaint, forgery and obstruction of justice.

Balkimy was absent for the first hearing in the trial, which lasted for only five minutes. A defense team of five lawyers represented him in his absence, and asked for the trial to be adjourned in order to have more time to study the case.

Salma Hospital owner Mohamed Abdel Khaleq al-Bedewy filed the charges against the Balkimy. The report claimed that Balkimy had come to Salma Hospital for rhinoplasty, but then fabricated a story of a false assassination attempt to hide the fact he had plastic surgery.

After the report was filed, the prosecution heard the testimony of eight staff members from the hospital who confirmed Bedewy’s story. Balkimy initially denied all charges but then confessed, claiming that he was still under the influence of the anesthetic when he fabricated the story of his attack.

In turn, Balkimy accused Bedewy of filing the charges in order to gain publicity for his hospital, and also accused Salma Hospital of discharging him while he was still under the effects of the anesthesia.

When the incident first made news, the story sparked criticism against the MP and the Nour Party, which later announced it would take disciplinary action against him.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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