New TV serial on Muslim Brotherhood to be shot in Jordan, Syria

Mohsen Rady, owner of Al-Rehab Productions, which is currently reviewing the script of a television serial about the life of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, said his company would shoot the series in Jordan and Syria due to the freedom enjoyed by the group is those countries–in contrast to the security restrictions the group faced in Egypt.

“The series will be given to a non-Egyptian production company,” Rady said, noting that the group had forfeited any royalties from sale of the film.

Rady expected the series, entitled "Al-Banna: An Unfinished Journey," to generate significant profit through advertising rights on satellite channels.

He went on to note that an Egyptian television director had been the first to express interest in directing the series but had later backtracked for "security" reasons.

An Egyptian television serial currently showing for the month of Ramadan, which also claims to tell al-Banna's life story, has drawn harsh criticism from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters who say the serial portrays the perspective of the Egyptian regime and security services.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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