NCW chief calls on women to vote ‘yes’ to constitution

National Council for Women chief Mervat al-Tallawi, also a member of the constitutional amendment committee, has called on women to vote "yes" in the constitutional referendum – even if it does not enshrine all women's rights.

Meanwhile, several women groups on Monday announced their rejection of articles concerning equality and women’s rights in the draft constitution.

“We made efforts within the committee to get a constitution that helps achieves stability during the interim period. We should vote yes on constitution so the roadmap can go on,” she said.

In conference held by NCW on Monday on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women,Tallawi referred to exaggeration in the Thomson Reuters Foundation report describing Egypt as the worst Arab country for women's rights. “We reject such statements which place Egypt in a worse position than other countries,” she said this does not deny violence against women in Egypt due to post-revolution instability.

“Egypt is witnessing a dangerous time of exterior and local terrorism, but it will confront it. The council was accused of untrue charges and fierce attack under rule of deposed President Mohamed Morsy due to its approval of the UN charter of violence against women at the beginning of this year. The charter included all kinds of violence, not just harassment and assault.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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