Nationwide protests against educational sector heads

A number of protests calling for the resignation of senior figures in the education sector took place on Sunday.

Sixteen educational groups organized a protest outside the Ministry of Education to demand the resignation of Education Minister Ahmed Gamal al-Din Moussa and all of the senior ministry figures from the Mubarak era.

The protesters also demanded that all temporary teachers be appointed in permanent positions, that all ministry employees be given equal salaries and that a minimum monthly wage of LE3000 be set.

Protests were also staged at most universities nationwide, demanding the resignation of university heads and the election of their replacements.

Meanwhile, Minister of Higher Education Amr Ezzat Salama announced that he would be presenting a new proposal to the university society within days. The proposal would allow university staff to elect the dean and university president through a committee consisting of a representative from each university, a representative of the university staff, and the faculty secretary.

In related news, dozens of Ain Shams University students protested to demand the resignation of University President Maged al-Deeb. Dozens of students also protested at Ain Shams’s Faculty of Languages, demanding the resignation of the university’s administrative board, which they accused of failing to obtain accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Education.

At Cairo University, staff members and students protested to demand the resignation of the head of the English language department at the Faculty of Arts following the poor results of the first term exams.

At Port Said University, engineering students demanded the resignation of University Dean Ahmen Sasser.

At Al-Azhar University, medical school students at the Assuit branch of Ain Shams University protested outside University President Ossama al-Abd’s office in Cairo to denounce the closure of the Assuit University Hospital.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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