National Salvation Front: Current government unable to guarantee impartial parliamentary vote

The National Salvation Front is demanding impartial oversight for the next parliamentary elections, while claiming that the current government is unable to guarantee the integrity and impartiality of the vote.

In a statement issued Saturday, the front demanded the formation of a "neutral government" by the time an exact date is set for the elections.

“Without these guarantees, the elections will be another episode of misrepresenting the will of the people, through fait accompli policy imposed by an authority that has [proven] unable to solve any of the country problems, as well as lacking of any project or even a short term plan to stop the continued political and economic deterioration.

The front added that it viewed demonstrating on 25 January was a way to call for continuing the revolution through the ballot box, especially if there were guarantees of a fair and impartial vote.

Among the front's demands for guaranteeing an impartial voting process were full judicial supervision, poll monitoring by domestic and international civil society organizations and criminalizing the use of places of worship in election campaigns.

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