National Accord Conference calls for constitution before elections

The National Accord Conference’s elections committee on Tuesday issued its final recommendations to be submitted to the military council, including support for the drafting of a constitution before parliamentary and presidential elections.

The committee also called for the immediate dissolution of all local councils, and the issuance of a law depriving members of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) from engaging in politics or forming civil society organizations.

The law would also ban from political activity those who rigged elections, be they members of NDP or any other party, and those investigated or convicted in cases of corruption, assaulting demonstrators, misappropriating public funds and misleading the public, especially the former executives and editors of the state-owned media.

The committee also recommended that the quota system for allocating seats in parliament to workers and farmers be cancelled, but approved that one third of Shura Council seats be directly appointed by a committee headed by the president.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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