NAC holds first conference

The National Association for Change (NAC) held its first conference on Friday under the title “Together we Change”. The Doctors Syndicate branch in the province of Gharbiya hosted the event.

NAC members expressed scathing criticism of the ruling regime and raised several demands which include: lifting the state of emergency, securing judicial and international oversight on elections, and allowing voter registration using national ID cards.

Many NAC members attended the conference, including George Ishaq, Mohamed Ghoneim, Abdel Gelil Mustafa, Hamdy Hassan, Ibrahim Nawwar, Fayez Hammouda, in addition to other opposition figures.

Ishaq, who is responsible for coordination between province-level NAC branches, said that Egypt is suffering from corruption and dictatorship, and called on people to rally behind the campaign for change.

Mustafa, meanwhile, stressed that change should come from the people and not from foreign powers.

The Democratic Front Party’s secretary in Gharbiya, Alaa Bahlawan, scolded the regime and other parties that participate in fraudulent elections, and demanded legal action before the Constitutional Court to amend Article 76 of the Constitution, which places limits on independent presidential candidates.

Bahlawan also stressed the importance of preventing presidential candidates from recruiting employees at government agencies to engage in election propaganda.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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