Muslim man accused of ‘kidnapping’ Coptic girl near Beni Suef

More than 70 Copts demonstrated outside the Ahnasia police station in Beni Suef on Sunday, demanding police find a Coptic girl they claim was abducted by a Muslim.

They accuse a young man named Abdel Rahman Aly of kidnapping 20-year-old Iman Ramsey on Friday, as she came out of church.

“My daughter has been missing since 17 December when she left the house to go to church,” said the girl’s father, Isac Ramsey, adding that eyewitnesses told him she was forced into a car when leaving church.

Ramsey accused Aly because he was harassing his daughter on the phone that day. “He also disappeared from his home the same day,” he said, adding that he heard the young man called a Cairene friend and said the girl was with him.

‘I did not come here to protest,” Ramsey said. “I just want the police to find out if my daughter is dead or alive.”

A security source said the Police Department in Beni Suef, south of Cairo, is doing its best to locate the girl.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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