Muslim Brotherhood still divided over election boycott

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood are split over participating in the forthcoming parliamentary elections slated for November.

Proponents of a boycott have challenged the legitimacy of the membership of some members of the Guidance Bureau, saying they were appointed not elected. Those advocating participation in the election, on the other hand, claim that those who want a boycott are currently not connected to the organization.

Haitham Abu Khalil, one of the representatives of the boycott front, said the Guidance Bureau does not have the right to say who belongs or does not belong to the Brotherhood, especially given that some members of the Guidance Bureau were appointed rather than elected.

He added that the Guidance Bureau was wrong to ban the publication of articles written by those advocating a boycott.

Khlaed Dawood, who is also advocating a boycott, wondered why the Guidance Bureau is in a "state of panic" over the fact that some members are in favor of an election boycott.

Hamdi Hassan, assistant secretary-general for the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, said statements from the pro-boycott camp do not merit a response, adding that they are not current members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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