Murderer of former speedball champion arrested

On Thursday, the Public Prosecution in Egypt ordered the detention of the accused of the killing the world speedball champion Rawan al-Husseiny pending investigations.

Husseiny was found dead on the roof of a building in the city of Desouq in the Kafr al-Sheikh Governorate, northern Egypt, the state-run Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper, reported .

The paper said that the victims’ family was shocked when they found her body.

The Public Prosecution said in a statement, on its Facebook page, that it received on January 17, a report from the police about the death of the victim, in the hospital, and the presence of injuries to her body and around her neck. They then moved to inspect the surface of the property where she was found, and kept on the monitoring devices installed in its vicinity of the property.

The statement added the Public Prosecution asked the victims’ family who stated that on the day of Husseiny’s death they received news from an anonymous person that called her on her phone and then later on she was with a person on the roof of a property.

According to investigations, the suspect who was arrested confessed during interrogations that he followed her until she entered a property aiming to rob her.

He stopped her and took her to the rooftop, stole a gold earring, mobile phone and during her attempt to escape from him he pulled her head cover off which slopped and was wrapped around her neck.

She fell on ground from the severity of the pull, and he ran away.

The victim’s family called her on her stolen phone, and the suspect answered and gave them false information about her whereabouts.  Upon them calling again he then admitted where she was.

The defendant’s wife said during interrogations that her husband took her phone from her after he returned home on the day of the incident and replaced her phone’s sim card with the victim’s sim card.

The Public Prosecution have remanded the defendant for four days for further investigation.

Husseiny is a third year student in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Kafr al-Sheikh University, and she previously ranked  first place in the world in the game of speedball in Poland in 2016, in addition to training for the youth of the game in the Desouq Club.

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