Mubarak pledges to confront sectarian violence

President Hosni Mubarak vowed on Sunday to confront terrorism and sectarian conflict, saying he will not hesitate in taking measures to protect Egyptians.

During his speech on the occasion of the Police Day celebrations, Mubarak said he will not tolerate anyone harming Egypt’s unity or any sectarian actions, and will use force of law against them.

Sectarianism is an unfamiliar phenomenon in Egyptian society, he added, saying “We’ll never hesitate to carry out what’s required to maintain Egypt’s security. We will face those who ignite sectarianism and terrorism and defeat them. We will pursue perpetrators inside and outside the country. They will never escape justice.”

Mubarak congratulated the police on arresting the Alexandria church bombers, who left 24 dead and scores injured on New Year’s Eve.

Interior Affairs minister Habib al-Adly announced, earlier in the celebrations, that the Al-Qaeda-linked Palestinian Army of Islam is behind the church blast.

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