Mubarak concedes elections witnessed violations

President Hosni Mubarak on Sunday conceded the 2010 parliamentary poll–concluded last Sunday–witnessed numerous violations. Responsibility for these breaches, however, belongs to individual candidates and their supporters, the president said.

Mubarak condemned the violations which, according to him, sought to distort the will of voters through bribery, violence and intimidation. The president insisted, however, the majority of polling stations witnessed legally sound competitions, while vowing the new parliament will work towards the achievement of greater democracy.

The High Elections Commission played a responsible, impartial and balanced role in the electoral process, he added. State institutions in general, according to the president, have addressed violations in a way that ensures the safety of voters and the functionality of the electoral process.

"This election, with all the positive and negative points it has uncovered, is an important step on the road,” he said.

Mubarak added that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) prepared well for the poll by fielding candidates that are capable of carrying the responsibility of parliamentary representation. The party is starting a new phase where party commitment will be of paramount importance, he continued.  

Mubarak also criticized political parties for election boycotts.

"As president of Egypt, I wish the rest of the parties had achieved better results," he said. "And I wish they hadn't wasted their efforts in arguments about boycotting the election and then actually participating in it, and then announcing that they are withdrawing from the election over doubts about its results."

Mubarak called on the NDP and other parties to utilize lessons learned from this election to bolster pluralism and enrich Egyptian political life.

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