Mr. President.. I’m warning!

First, I will reiterate what I said before. I am a supporter of President Sisi, as the man who saved Egypt from falling into the hands of a group of known terrorists and criminals. He did not seek the presidency, but he responded to the Egyptians’ call. He then took office after free and fair elections that were witnessed by the whole world. He started on the path of reform and reconstruction of the state under very difficult circumstances.

From this point of view, I find it my duty as a citizen who loves his country to warn the president from the actions of many executives, local officials and others – whether intentionally, or through ignorance or hypocrisy – which contribute to increasing the suffering of life, the feeling of anxiety, fear of the future and the spread of frustration and despair. And the examples are numerous.

First.. Youth detained in prisons

This is a time bomb, Sir. I do not find a single justification for silence about it. There are thousands of detainees under the name of “remanded into custody” beyond the limits and provisions of the law. Some of them are being tried for expressing their opinion or demonstrating.

I ask you, Sir, to resolve this matter at once – today and not tomorrow – as long as the detainee or prisoner was not involved in acts of violence or terrorism.

Second.. Slow Justice:

I do not find an explanation for this delay in enforcing the amendments on the law of Criminal Procedures. We are still living in this boring series of trials of terrorist leaders, those involved in terrorism, and not even one single death sentence has been executed for all those who killed Egyptians in cold blood.

Why did the Egyptians not feel the Emergency Law? And why it is not applied to the traffickers of food from the mafia that monopolizes imports?.. What is the meaning of this chaos that pervades the Egyptian street, so that traffic has become an act of torment? Where is decisiveness, determination and enforcement of law with the utmost rigor?!

Third.. Selection of leaders

All the officials are to be blamed and are the main reason for all our current crises. And this is a natural result of the method of selecting officials – at all levels – where the choice is left to the security apparatus alone, while in Egypt distinct experts in all fields are to be found at home and abroad.

Therefore, I demand that the first and last criterion for selection be competence, ability and experience. Only at the end, comes the opinion of security bodies to clarify whether there is an obstacle for the candidate to take the position. And all that process should be made public, in all transparency.

Fourth.. Recovering state land

This decision in my opinion is the best and most dangerous decision announced by the President. It was delayed for many years when corruption was the factor controlling government decisions. On the other hand, I strongly object to some of the misbehavior and misconduct that occurred in some governorates, and I demand a rapid correction for the situation and declaring the facts to the people. Certainly these practices are the natural product of the wrong choice of governors and local leaders. Many of them have no political background or realistic vision.

I am also one of the supporters of opening the files of corruption behind the theft of state lands and held accountable all those responsible for corruption, whatever their positions. In order to develop a radical solution, I call for the formation of a single body responsible for all state lands, away from this conflict and competition between the bodies, whether at the Ministry of Agriculture, housing, tourism or industry, with clear and concise conditions and rules for recuperating state lands all over Egypt.

Fifth.. Religious Institutions

There has not yet been a single decision to reform the course of religious education and religious culture.

There are also the “Salafist currents” that dominate many state institutions and penetrate them. Hence, it is necessary to bring about a real revolution in the religious institutions, and purge them of all the branches of “the evil group” and those who advocate Salafism and radicalism for the sake of Egypt and to correct the true image of Islam.

Sixth.. Political Back:

I reiterate the call for the formation of a political presidential council with an elite of national politicians, honorable and competent Egyptians, to help the presidency at this critical stage.

Mr. President, I know that you are exerting great efforts in the light of the most dangerous and difficult circumstances locally and internationally. But I am sure that you are able – with the Egyptians’ hands and minds – to bring the ship of the homeland to safety, God willing.


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