MP: Constitutional Declaration amendments beginning of dangerous phase

The amendments to the Constitutional Declaration, released by the military council on Sunday night, represent a reversal of the council’s pledge to hand over power and the beginning of a dangerous phase, MP Amr Hamzawy said on Monday.  

In a Twitter message, Hamzawy urged the adoption of all possible peaceful methods to counter the military council’s move.

On Sunday night, the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued a supplement to the interim constitution that was approved in a popular referendum in March 2011, following the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak. The move came following a court verdict that dissolved the Islamist-led People’s Assembly last week.

The amended articles grant the SCAF full legislative powers, outline the role of the next president, and govern the formation of the Constituent Assembly that would draft the new constitution.

Hamzawy said that the amendments grant the military council vast executive and legislative powers by giving the armed forces complete independence and stipulating that the SCAF has the right to veto the constitution.

If applied, the next president would have limited powers, making him more of an impotent prime minister, Hamzawy said.

Edited translation from MENA

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