Movement to sue ministers to implement university guards ban

The 9 March Group for the Independence of Egypt's Universities has decided to file a new lawsuit against the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Interior and Higher Education to push for the implementation of an Administrative Court ruling banning the presence of police on campus.

Salah Sadeq, a professor of administrative law and the lawyer for the movement, said its members have decided “to file a criminal lawsuit calling for the imprisonment and dismissal of the Prime Minister and Ministers of Interior and Higher Education for their failure to implement a ruling by the highest administrative court in Egypt even though the government reiterates its respect for judicial rulings”. 

The movement is also filing another administrative lawsuit to have the government implement the same court ruling.

Sadeq said that article 123 of the Criminal Law stipulates that a civil servant who refrains from implementing a court ruling should be imprisoned and removed from his/her position.

Sadeq further said that the professors from the 9 March Movement have decided to correspond with academic institutions overseas to expose the Egyptian government's insistence on ignoring court rulings that concern university affairs. The movement's members say that this behavior by the government negatively affects the ranking of Egyptian universities, as academic independence and freedom are considered among the most important criteria in such ratings.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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