Mosry to his son: Not concerned about the death sentence

Osama Morsy, son of the toppled Islamist President Mohamed Morsy, said his father urged resuming the revolution “without turning back” during their 15-minute meeting on Saturday upon end of the first trial session over charges of insulting the judiciary.
Osama posted on Facebook the dialogue that took place between him and his father. “Morsy greeted me smiling. He was at his best. Optimistic. Faithful. He told me that revolution is drawing a path for itself that is clearer than before.”
Regarding Morsy’s comment on being sentenced to death over jailbreak and espionage charges, Osama said, “My father told me that the decision did not affect him and that he does not like to consider it.”
“The president confidentially told me: I’m not afraid. I’m sure we will bring them to trial. Trials will not stay for long. The solution is resuming the revolution to return to its path without stepping back,” Osama said adding, “Tell everyone that the revolution is the best solution and the most important.”
“My father was keen on asking about Egyptians, prices, gasoline, food supply, bread. When I told him about the bad circumstances, he said revolution will change everything for the best.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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