Mortada Mansour fires back at Amr Adib over murder claims

Zamalek Sports Club president and MP Mortada Mansour has fired back at media host Amr Adib’s accusations of murder against him, two days after the MP petitioned for suspending his show.
"You (….), I have been acquitted of all charges of murdering protesters,” Mansour, said, referring to his acquittal from charges of involvement in orchestrating a bloody attack by camel- and horse riders on protesters in Tahrir Square at the peak of the 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak’s regime.
“You accused me of involvement in the Air Defense Stadium (rampage), you have to know what you are saying is a crime,” Mansour ranted in a profanity-rich video on his Facebook page. He was referring to the death of 20 Zamalek Club fans in a stampede outside the military-run stadium in February 2015, an incident hardcore fans blamed on Mansour and security forces.
The heated exchange between Mortada and Adib began when former Zamalek coach Ahmed (Mido) Hossam declared he would appear in an interview with Adib to speak out on Mansour's mismanagement of the team when he acted as coach in January. He was removed from the position on February 9.
Mansour, an influential lawyer with recurrent media battles with public figures, has petitioned inside parliament to halt the airing of Adib’s show on Al-Youm satellite channel.
Edited translation from  Al-Masry Al-Youm

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