Mortada Mansour applies for presidency as his party’s second candidate

The Presidential Elections Commission has accepted the application of infamous lawyer Mortada Mansour on Sunday, putting him on the list of presidential hopefuls.

The commission said on its website that Mansour is representing Egypt National Party, one of the small parties founded by the late MP Talaat al-Sadat and other remnants of the former regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

According to the Presidential Elections Law, any political party represented in Parliament with at least one seat can nominate one member to run for president.

The party has six seats in the People’s Assembly.

Mansour is an ex-judge and a former MP. He is known for his support for the former president Hosni Muabark.

Currently he on trial for orchestrating the “Battle of the Camel,” in February of last year, when regime officials allegedly paid a contingent of horse and stable workers to attack the protesters in Tahrir square while they were calling for former President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

Mansour is challenged by another presidential hopeful representing the same party.

The PEC on 13 March accepted the application of Awad Ahmed al-Saidy as a candidate for the same party, the Egypt National Party.  Al-Saidy is the first of the 23 total candidates on the final list of those registered.

The commission will have to decide whether Mansour or Saidy will run as the party's official candidate.

After the death of Sadat, internal divisions within the party erupted regarding whether Effat al-Sadat or Tawfiq Okasha, a famous pro-SCAF talk show host would become the head of the party.



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