Morsy’s detention renewed for 30 days for Wadi al-Natrun prison break

A court has renewed the detention of toppled President Mohamed Morsy for another 30 days over the Wadi al-Natrun prison break during the January 2011 revolution.
An investigation judge considered renewing Morsy's detention in a session held inside Borg al-Arab prison, where Morsy is currently imprisoned, in the presence of two defense lawyers. Morsy refused to allow any lawyer to represent him, arguing that he is still the legitimate president of the country, according to the suspended 2012 Constitution.
Part of the case, accusing Morsy and others of espionage, has been referred to State Security prosecutors.
Morsy and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders face charges of inciting and assisting in attacks on police installations, officers and soldiers, the storming of Egyptian prisons and the arson of Wadi al-Natrun. 
Other charges include damaging prison records, deliberately killing prisoners, officers and soldiers and enabling other prisoners to escape.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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