Morsy promises state support for martyrs’ families

President-elect Mohamed Morsy said on Tuesday that the state supports the families of martyrs and the revolution’s injured and provides medical care for them.

Morsy met with the mother of Khaled Saeed; Ali al-Geneidy, spokesperson for the Suez families of the injured and martyrs; Ahmed Abdou, an injured man from Alexandria; the sister of Mina Daniel, who was killed during the military attack on the Maspero protest last October; and the mother of Karim Banouna, a martyr of the 25 January revolution, in the presidential palace.

Geneidy said he received a phone call from Mohamed Gadallah, Morsy’s adviser, who invited him to meet with the president-elect on Tuesday, state-run newspaper Al-Akhbar reported.

Geneidy said that the president-elect’s office has called spokespeople for the martyrs’ families in Alexandria and Cairo as well.

He also disclosed an agreement with martyrs’ families in Suez that stipulates that the families will meet with Morsy in the presidential palace after he takes his oath of office. Geneidy called on all political forces to unite to help the new president succeed in his mission.


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