Morsy living in ‘state of absurd,’ Effat al-Sadat claims

Sadat Democratic Party leader Effat al-Sadat has expressed his amazement at Mohamed Morsy's behaviour inside the opening session of his trial, claiming he is looking to stir the situation and appeal to his supporters.

Sadat also claimed ex-president Morsy is living in a state of the absurd, insisting on his false legitimacy in this way.
"What he did in the courtroom, by refusing to wear the [white] defendants' attire was a blatant defiance of the law and the state," he added.
The opening of  the trial of Morsy and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood-linked co-defendants has demonstrated that the reins of government are back in the hands of the people, Sadat claimed.
Morsy is defying the will of the Egyptian people who made themselves heard on 30 June, according to Sadat.

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