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Mohamed Heneidy to release new movie on December 28

Egyptian actor Mohamed Heneidy, announced the release of his new movie, “Nabil al-Gameel Akhesaaei Tagmeel” (Nabil al-Gameel, a Beautician) in cinemas, on December 28.

Heneidy has released the poster of the movie through his personal account on Instagram.

His comments on it were: “The sweetest thing is that the name defines my  personality . ‘Gameel’ and I am really beautiful. Praise be to God, I look in the mirror and thank God, December 28 at theaters.”

The movie stars Heneidy, Nour, Mohamed Salam, Rahma Ahmed, Mahmoud Hafez, Haggag Abdel Azim, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Diaa al-Mirghani, Mohamed al-Sawy, Madeleine Tabar, and Shema al-Sharif.

The screenplay is written by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mehrez, and directed by Khaled Marei.

The events take place in a comic framework and Heneidy plays the role of a plastic surgeon named Nabil.

There are many comic paradoxes that occur between him and  Nour throughout the movie.

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