Ministerial committee to review legislation on allocation of state-owned land

The supreme ministerial committee charged with introducing new legislation on the management of state-owned land met on Sunday to discuss elements of its current draft.

The new law is expected to be submitted to President Hosni Mubarak next month.

The committee is comprised of representatives from several government institutions and different legislative and executive bodies.

Official sources said the committee will focus on reviewing all relevant legislation to draw up an improved law, and will meet weekly to expedite the drafting process.

The new law will determine mechanisms for allocating state-owned land and its pricing, which will depend on the nature of the project to be carried out and its location, the sources added.

The committee will also determine which plots of state land are already in use.

Broad guidelines, drawn up by the Cabinet of Ministers, which highlight the importance of protecting state land from any encroachments, will be taken into consideration.

Mubarak had previously called for a mechanism to manage the use of state land which will be flexible enough to accommodate the development goals of each governorate.   

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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