Military spokesperson: We are still looking for the missing person in St. Catherine

Military spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali said on his official Facebook page on Tuesday that the army is continuing to comb the mountainous area of St. Catherine around the clock to search for the missing person there.
“We are using all possible means of the Air Force, the Border Patrol and the pathfinders to overcome the weather conditions and the nature of the terrain,” he wrote.
“The armed forces never have and never will spare effort to save the life of an Egyptian citizen or a guest at any cost or sacrifice,” he added.
Ali also said the search and rescue division of the Air Force, in cooperation with the border guards of the Third Field Army, succeeded in finding the eight foreign tourists that were stranded in the region, adding that four of them were found alive, three were found dead and the last missing person is being searched for.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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