Military council to replace certain governors

The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) said on Saturday that it will replace some governors who came to office during the rule of deposed president Hosni Mubarak.

Major General Ismail Etman said “New governors will be announced within days. Consultations and discussions about them are still ongoing.” In a press conference Etman said that replacing senior leaders takes place in accordance with the law.

The decision came a day after a mass protest in Tahrir Square, in which tens of thousands of protesters called for the trials of Mubarak and his regime's corrupt figures, as well as the sacking of governors.

Minister of Local Development Mohsen al-Noamani said governors will be replaced in hours. The Saudi Al-Arabiya satelite news channel quoted al-Noamani as saying “new governors will be appointed in coordination with the SCAF.”

Egyptian revolutionaries have called for the collective dismissal for all governors and heads of local councils. They said that such posts should be by election rather than appointment.

Under Mubarak’s regime, governors belonged to the National Democratic Party and were retired police officers.

The media has reported some governors' administrative and financial corruption, as well as incidents of selling of state lands at lower than market prices. Prosecution received reports accusing Minya governor Ahmed Diaa Eddin and Beni Suef governor Samir Seif al-Yazal of facilitating land seizure.

Protesters have been demanding, since Mubarak's ouster on 11 February, the removal of Ismailia, Cairo and Luxor governors.

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