Microbus collision in Assiut kills 14

Fourteen people were killed and 14 others injured when a microbus collided with a truck Monday morning on the Red Sea-Assiut Road in Upper Egypt.

Three of those killed were children.

Ambulances rushed to the crash site and the injured victims were transported to nearby hospitals. Security forces have started removing the wrecks from the road, which has slowed traffic down considerably for many kilometers.

An Egyptian security source told MENA that the crash happened close to the entrance to the city of New Assiut.

Mostafa Abu Ghadir, deputy Insurance and social affairs minister in Assiut, said that  compensation will be paid out to the injured and the families of those killed in the crash, all of whom come from Sohag.

Egypt has seen a series of traffic accidents and train crashes recently. A train crash earlier this month killed 19 Central Security conscripts and injured 107 others. In November, a train collided with a school bus in Assiut Governorate, killing at least 50 children.

Edited translation from MENA

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