Metro management company announces Ramadan operating hours

The Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation has finalized schedules of the first and second metro lines operation during the holy month of Ramadan for 2022.

The company announced the operating times from the terminal stations will start at 5:15 am throughout Ramadan.

The last metro on the first line will take off from Helwan station at 12:18 am, and from the New Marg station at 12:30 am.

The last metros on the second line will take off from Shubra al-Kheima station and Mounib station at 12:40 am.

The metros of the first and second lines will meet at Anwar al-Sadat Station at 1 am and metros of the second and third lines will meet at Ataba Station at 12:55 am.

The number of trips in the first and second lines has been increased to a total number 1,120 trips per day.

The number of trips are divided into 510 trips on the first line, and 610 trips on the second.

All air-conditioned metros under the company’s management will be operating during Ramadan to mitigate the effect of hot weather.

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